Waldwick 5k Race 2018

5K Race Coverage

Covering a 5k race takes a lot of planning and coordination to perform safely and effectively.  But, when done right, there are many benefits for organizers and racers.

Waldwick 5k Race 2018

Using a multi-step approach we take the organizers step by step from initial idea to the final video. Feedback is collected and adjustments made at each step to ensure that the final result is something to be proud of.

Here’s an example from a recent race:

Step 1.  Idea generation.

After obtaining the course map, a route inspection is made and an ideation video created that shows likely film locations and samples of what some of the shots might look like.  This video is then reviewed at a meeting and options any changes discussed.

It is at this stage that items such as airspace restrictions caused by nearby airfields etc. are checked as it may require special permission from the FAA to fly.

Step 2.  Aerial and ground video of the course.

Once the course is mapped out, a run through of the course by air is performed. This can be performed using actual video from the ground and the air, or by performing a virtual flyover in Google Earth.

This provides multiple benefits from a planning perspective, but also provides a useful course overview which can be shared on your website or social media.  Here is an example of a virtual flyover for planning purposes.

Virtual overview of the course.

   Real flyover of the course

Step 4.  Shoot the race!

On race day, we arrive early and help set up.   Airspace is re-checked for clearance, weather and flying locations are reviewed to ensure that nothing significant has changed that would cause flight issues.

In addition, video cameras on tripods are placed at strategic locations around the course to capture close-ups of the action for use in the final video.  We also have someone on site with a steady-cam, capturing sights and sounds from around the course.

Step 5.  Video editing.

With multiple cameras on site, we typically have around 4 hours of footage to reduce to something more manageable.  Video options include  short clips for social media to longer videos that capture the fun of the event.  We then include logos of the organizations, a stinger at the start and captions for notable items.

At this point, the video is ready to be shared and planning can start…for next years event!

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