Allendale Veterans Home – Timelapse

Bergen County’s United Way and The Madeline Corporation, both non-profit organizations with over 60 years of continuous service to the community, are putting the finishing touches on two new homes in Allendale, NJ.

The two three-bedroom homes have been built for affordable rental by military veterans and their families. The homes include laundry hook-ups, on-site parking and will be ready for occupancy in December 2019.

Avios was there from the start to help capture this fantastic project. Watch the video to see a full year of construction just fly by!

Bergen County’s United Way and The Madeline Corporation formed a partnership in 2005 to address the housing crisis in New Jersey by providing safe, affordable housing for hard-working families, veterans, older adults and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Lakeland Bank also awarded a $10,000 Housing Impact Grant to Bergen County’s United Way to support affordable housing for veterans

“We believe Lakeland has an obligation to assist with making affordable housing available for those living in our community who are in need of a safe and decent place to reside,” said Stephen Novak, Executive Vice President. “And I was honored that the Bank selected Bergen County United Way as a recipient for the Housing Impact Grant for the Allendale Housing Project to build affordable housing for veterans in my hometown.”

“The Lakeland Bank team has been great friends of our organization and we are honored and grateful to have their generous support for this important project to help our veterans,” said Tom Toronto, President, Bergen County’s United Way.

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