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ATTI Mode is an Essential Skill – Here’s Why

PAF SwitchI tell everyone they need to learn to fly in ATTI mode.  Here’s why!

Most people have no interest in ATTI.  And who can blame them?  DJI has done a fantastic job of making drones that practically fly themselves.

But that magical stability comes from one of two places.

  1. A solid GPS lock, or
  2. Vision position sensors – if close to the ground

Without either of those things, you are on your own.  The drone will hold altitude for you, but that is it.  It will drift with the wind and advanced features such as RTH will not work.

GPS lock these days happens quickly and is usually rock solid, so when I tell people that their drone can lose GPS signal mid-flight it is usually met with a hefty dose of side-eye.

However, during a recent test flight, I managed to capture this on video!

As you can see, it can happen. So, what are the best ways to learn to fly in ATTI?

  • Use of ATTI mode is covered well in the “Pro” section of the excellent Phantom Flightschool.  If you are new to the hobby I would highly encourage you to spend a fraction of what you spent on the equipment on these courses to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • Syma x5Syma x5Another way to learn is to buy a cheap drone such as a Syma X5 and learn to fly that around in your home.  These are cheap, light enough not to be dangerous, and practically indestructible.

When you can fly a cheap drone around your living room without hitting anything, then flying in ATTI mode will be so natural you might not notice you have lost GPS!


3 thoughts on “ATTI Mode is an Essential Skill – Here’s Why”

  1. Nicely put Barry. Our team is fortunate to have access to a large warehouse. Nobody gets out to the “open air” until they have demonstrated the ability to control our birds in ATTI mode. It is an essential skill for pros.

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