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Backyard Transformation Time-lapse

In 2016 I finished a year-long project to create a video showing a time-lapse of the seasons at Zabriskie Pond in Wyckoff.  That video led to discussions with my favorite client about creating a time-lapse of a major renovation that they were about to embark on.

As this was a new proposition we agreed up front how many shots, timeframes etc. to ensure that there were no surprises for the client.  I hope you like the result.

Lessons learned

This was my first time performing one of these using still photos and, the first time with the Phantom 4 Professional camera system.  There were a number of lessons learned the hard way.

  • I found that the camera did not get the angle correct immediately and so I programmed two shots per location.  Better too many shots than too few!
  • Early shots were taken with the camera set to 16:9 Aspect Ratio.  However, the 3:2 Aspect Ratio gives more room for error by extending the size of the image (5472 × 3648 vs 5472 × 3078). I should have used the larger size from the beginning.
  • For time-lapse you need everything to be as consistent as possible.  Writing down the settings meant not having to try to remember.

I am now in the process of doing something similar for a much larger project for a construction company.  That one is going to take considerably longer to complete but I hope to have it done by the end of the year if they stay on track.

For those interested in the full details expect this to appear as a lecture on the Phantom Filmschool in the near future



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