Clients New Website Featuring Avios Footage

Here at Avios Aerial Media we take a great deal of pride in the work that we produce.

RevealWith that in mind, it is a great feeling when the client compliments your work either directly or by recommending you to others.  One of my favorite clients is Borst Landscape and Design who have done both!

Honestly, they make life about as easy as it can be.  They are super easy to work with, do a ton of prep and cleanup prior to a shoot and they are always open to discussing innovative ideas.  Better than that, their landscaping designs are beautiful so all Avios has to do is turn up and shoot it.

Last summer we did a shoot at a beautiful home in Bergen County, NJ.  The home had a long driveway and, from the front, the spectacular backyard was not visible at all.  This gave me the idea of a reveal shot coming up the driveway, over the gate and taking in the backyard and pool.  It was a fun shot to do and came out great in the video for them.

Imagine my surprise when the client called and told me that they had just completely refreshed their website and that reveal shot was the very first thing you see when you visit the site!

Here’s the full video.

All I can say is, it made my day!


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