Maiden flight

Drone for Christmas? Free hands-on coaching!

Getting a new drone for Christmas is great. But it can also be scary.

  • Will I crash it?
  • Will it fly away?
  • What if it hits someone?
  • Am I allowed to fly here?

6 years ago I was in the same boat. I read the manual, googled everything,
watched videos…and I was still a nervous wreck for that first flight.

I know people who bought drones several years ago that are still sitting in the box and, frankly, are now obsolete.

Don’t panic!

Maiden flight
Maiden flight

We are here to help make sure that your first flight is fun and safe. We can answer all of your questions about things like registration, where you can and can’t fly, and just about anything else you might need answering.

And how much would this cost?

Well, a thank you would be great. A like or a nice comment on the Facebook page would be extra nice. But, ultimately, that’s it.

I wish someone had been there to help me in those early days and I just want to give back and make sure people get off on the right foot.

Where and when will depend on how many people sign up.

Fill in the short form below, or comment on our facebook page and we will get back to you soon with when we are getting together.

If you can’t make that – I put some tips out last year on how to have a successful first flight. There’s nothing like someone being there with you but if you just can’t way, this is a good start.

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