Hyperlapse Test

First test of a Hyperlapse video (with instructions)

Hyperlapse video is a technique in Time-lapse photography in which the position of the camera is changed between the shots.

Those who have been following along will know that: (a)  I love learning new things and, (b) I have been playing around with time lapse recently, and a hyperlapse video just seemed the perfect next step.

The first time I saw a hyperlapse video I was blown away.  It is such a fascinating combination of slow and fast moment that it’s hard to take your eyes off it.  I knew I had to make one and, this weekend, I found time to put together my first one.

While the results are far from perfect I think it came out well and, most importantly, taught me a lot about how to improve the next video.

For those interested in the details how I created this hyperlapse video, I used a DJI Phantom 4 Professional drone/camera controlled by a third party program called Litchi.

Want to make one of your own?

As a result of all of this technology the detailed were quite simple really:

1. Set up Litchi for a slow straight run at 0.2mph (might try 0.1mph also). Here is a link to the mission I used for this video: https://flylitchi.com/hub?m=3AthkQA20v
2. Camera set to manual 1s exposure, f2.8, ISO 400, white balance set to cloudy to warm up the colors.
3. Timer set to 2.5s
4. Imported all pictures into Davinci Resolve which, because it automatically creates a short video of pictures in numerical sequences, made it very quick to get the initial result.
5. After I exported (after adding music) I ran it through an old copy Prodrenalin to remove some of the shakings.

If you try this out please share your results and any improvements you identify – I’d love to see it!



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