Grace United Methodist Church

Grace United Methodist Church was the outgrowth of a Mission Sunday School organized by a group of sixteen men, who called themselves the Union Praying Band, so named because they came from several different Methodist churches in the city of Paterson, New Jersey. They started meeting in 1863, and became known throughout the Passaic-Bergen County area for good works they performed for people in need.

On May 21, 1868, they determined to set up their Sunday School in the North Ward of Paterson. The only rooms they could find were in an old paint shop that stood on High Street, and that, with a newly constructed chapel added on to it, became the first permanent meeting place for the new organization called the Grace Methodist Episcopal Church.

Grace United was the first church that I took video of.  Being the first it’s missing a few of the features and techniques that I have learned about since then.  This was a lot of fun for me personally as this was also the church that I was married in nearly 20 years ago.


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