How 360 Virtual Tours Save Time and Increase Sales

The first 360 deg. virtual tour I created resulted in a very successful open house. One week later the house sold for more money than the owner believed possible. 

According to Zillow, there a 5 types of people that visit your open houses, and they are not all potential buyers.  They are:

  • Real Buyers
  • The nearby neighbor
  • Agents representing a potential buyer
  • The agents that lost the listing
  • A previous owner, or one of their relatives

Unfortunately, only two of those five are likely to yield any results. The rest waste your time and eat your goodies.  So, let’s focus on the ones that could lead to a sale.

Buyers from out of town need a to way prioritize their time in the area and only visit homes they might actually be interested in. 

This should be your priority too. 

There is no point enticing people to your open house and answering their questions only to find that the house really isn’t what they were looking for at all. 

Worse, you may be spending time with someone with no interest when a more likely buyer is being ignored.

Enter the 360 deg. virtual tour!

360 virtual tours give people the freedom to “visit” the home at any time, day or night, for as long as they want. It and does so in a way that static pictures just cannot replicate.

Using these tools your buyers can identify the homes that really suit their needs, and ignore the ones that do not. 

That means less time wasted for you and for them.

In the example I mentioned in the beginning, the home was well off the beaten path. Few people were going to spend time going out of their way unless they really believed it was worth the time.

One the day of the open house, only three people showed. But all three had seen the virtual tour. They asked specific, detailed questions and, at the end of the day, two of the three made offers.

The homeowner was over the moon! Her home sold, quickly, and for more money then she had dared hope. Paragraph

That’s a win for your client and a win for you!

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