If you have one…you have none!

BackupsBackups are super important things to have.  I’m not talking about backing up your photos and videos, although that is important.  I’m talking about arriving at a job site with extra equipment.  That way, should something fail, you are still able to get on with the job.

I was reminded of this recently when it became apparent that I didn’t have multiple of everything I needed!

When I go to a commercial shoot I arrive with at least the following:

  • At least two drones (sometimes three).
  • At least two mobile devices, one iOS, and one Android
  • Multiple batteries for each drone on site (at least 3 per drone) all fully charged
  • Spare cables for each device
  • Plenty of micro SD cards
  • At least two sets of propellers for each drone

Recently I went to take some video at a great little spot on the river in a little park away from it all. 

Chemical ToiletAfter setting up it suddenly became apparent that I urgently needed a bathroom – apparently, something I had eaten did not agree with me.  Fortunately, there was a port-a-potty nearby that was surprisingly clean and well maintained, complete with plenty of paper and hand sanitizer!

With the crises averted I bent over to get dressed and heard a SPLOOSH!!

I look down to see ripples spreading out in the blue liquid!  Clearly, something had gone in there, but what could it be?  More importantly, whatever it was, would I really be interested in fishing it back out again?

I started checking my pockets.

  • Phone.  Good.
  • Keys.  Good.
  • Wallet.  All good.

Phew!  At this point, the chances of putting my hand in that thing had gone from an already super-slim chance to zero.  But I was still confused.  What on earth could I have dropped in there?

And then it hit me.  My glasses!!  I had them hooked on my shirt and when I bent over then had slipped off.

Fortunately, they were a cheap pair from CVS.  No surprise…they stayed exactly where they were.

Unfortunately, that was the only pair I had with me and, since my eyes are not what they once were, that finished the day’s activities.

There is a well known saying among photographers that goes “if you have two, you have one, if you have one, you have none…”.  I now know that means everything, not just the cameras and equipment!





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