In The News: The Fort Lee Tree Lighting Ceremony

We made the news again!! This time filming in Fort Lee.

7 months of work and 400,000 lights later…


The borough of Fort Lee reached out to me last month to ask if I could film their annual tree lighting ceremony.  They had seen the video of my neighbors house and the Wyckoff Fireworks

It was a tricky business! Fort Lee is in a “zero grid” area, meaning we needed to get FAA approval…for a night flight…near an active airport…near a huge crowd of people.  But, somehow, we pulled it off.

The Borough also agreed to a Visual Observer and a regular video, so we had a team event!

I met with Sam and Anthony on the evening of the 5th and set to work.  Anthony handled VO and some video when I was not flying.  Sam handled the majority of the ground video.

What amazing people to work with!  I have worked with Anthony before and, as always, he was a consummate professional.  But I have to say that Sam stole the show.  He turned up with a set of headphones that instantly gave us all street cred and worked amazingly well to keep all three of us in touch as we roamed around the site.  With his headphones his impressive looking rig, no one batted an eyelid when Sam got right up on stage to get some fantastic close-up work.  And the quality of the footage was top notch. 

Afterward, during editing, they both provided great feedback that made the end result so much better – it really was a team effort.

Great fun all around, and an amazing learning opportunity.  I can’t wait to do it again.

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