Is Airdata worth the money?

I’ve been using Airdata since back when it started life as HealthyDrones.

At first, it was a fun way to look at data.  Sort of the drone equivalent of keeping track of your gas mileage.  But I have been impressed by the way that they have consistently improved the service, with regular upgrades of the features.

As a Part 107 certified pilot, I like to keep logs of all flights and maintenance. Airdata couldn’t make that easier to do. Almost all of the software that I use integrates with it automatically.  Synching the latest flight data is either a one button push or, in some cases, all I need to do is be in wifi range.

I was thinking about that this weekend when I noticed a new feature I had not seen before.  No surprise, it was highlighted with a little New note.  But little in the way of fanfare other than that.

If you go into that tab and click on the HD Flight Player button and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.  You can now replay any flight including a real-time live map at the top, details of each of the log items at the bottom.  What’s super cool though is that it shows images of the sticks on the right-hand side, showing exactly what you were doing, and how the UAV reacts.

Take a look for yourself

As a small business, I am very careful how I spend my money.  I have to say that AirData has been worth every penny of the subscription.

I should mention that I am not affiliated with AirData in any way.  Just a happy customer.

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