Learning from the Experts

Whenever I get an opportunity to work with other professionals I jump at the chance.  I love seeing how other people put things together and listening to their ideas on what makes an interesting shot.

Early this year I had the opportunity to work with a company called Beard and Bowler, shooting b-roll for a charity video they were putting together.

We met before dawn on a cold, winter morning in Paterson, NJ.  But it was worth it as working with Jason was nothing short of inspirational.

They put together a website containing their “Hero Collectors” recently and I love how they used the aerial shots to add to the story, instead of making the aerial shots “The story”.  It’s a great lesson on how to use the tools without overdoing it, so I thought I would share the page here.  Enjoy!

And if you get a chance to work with someone more experienced than you are…take it!



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