litchi curved turns wtih actions

Litchi Missions with Curved Turns AND Actions

One of the long standing problems with using Litchi to program your drone shots is that you have to make a choice.

Do you want nice curving smooth turns that are cinematic, or do you want to actions like starting a video or taking pictures?

They say you can’t have both. But I say…you’re not thinking outside the box.

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2 thoughts on “Litchi Missions with Curved Turns AND Actions”

  1. Interesting video Barry…

    I guess I understand the value of doing this if you HAVE a mission already done in Litchi..

    But, why not start in Dronelink and create the mission there?

    1. Eric,

      Ultimately, that would be the way to go. But, not everyone knows DL to the level that you do.

      Like it or not, DL is a lot more complex to program than Litchi, which has a simple interface that is faster and easier to use.

      This provides a path into a more feature-rich tool for people that have found Litchi limiting without the need to start from scratch.

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