Litchi: Reverse is your friend

I fly a lot of Pre-programmed missions that use actions to take photos from specific locations.  Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  Here’s how to use the Reverse action to fix that quickly and effectively.

The action I have the most issues with is the Take Photo action.  Most of the time it works perfectly, but occasionally it will move on without taking all of the shots.  This problem seems to occur more often when I am using RAW images (almost always!) and when I have multiple shots being at the same location.

Since the app makes a distinct sound when taking a picture, I can usually tell that a picture has been missed.  In the past, I would have to run the mission again to be sure that I had a full set.  And many times I would run the mission multiple times anyway, just to be sure.

But, recent tests confirmed that a better way to do this is to use the reverse option instead.

Most people are aware that you can speed the drone up during the mission by pushing forward on the right stick.  This will take it out of the “cruising speed” and can go all the way up to the maximum set in the mission settings.

But what many people don’t know is that you can also pull back on the right stick to slow it down, stop it, and even make it go into reverse.

What is amazingly useful is that if you reverse back past a point with actions on it and then let it restart, it will re-execute the actions when it reaches the waypoint.

Now I carefully watch the mission run and listen for the tell-tale camera sounds at each waypoint.  If I don’t hear the sound, or I’m just not sure, then I pull back on the right stick, reverse back past the turn, and then let it run again.

Doing this has saved hours or mission re-runs, and I have not missed a shot since starting to use this method.

Here’s a quick video showing the reverse method in action.

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