Maiden flight

Maiden Flight of Solid Foundation’s Drone

Sunday, October 15th marked a milestone for the Solid Foundation drone with a successful maiden flight!

A maiden flight of something that you built from scratch isn’t something many people get to experience, which is a shame because there really is no feeling like it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you bench test it, that first flight is a mixture of excitement and trepidation.  And when it works it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

kids building drone
Yes…you can build a drone!

In case you missed it I blogged about this back in September after we went a happy few hours drone building with the kids from Solid Foundation Skate Park.

Kids from 6 to 18 learned basic skills like soldering and more complex concepts, like what keeps a drone in the air.

It was a fun day but we were not able to complete things in time to perform a maiden flight on the first day.  But there was no need for me after that.  The Solid team went away and a few days later sent me a picture of the drone all set up and ready to go.

This was an important step but, as anyone who builds drones knows, this was just the first step.  They now have an awesome platform to build on.

Next up:

  • Adding and testing new flight modes
  • Learning to create and fly pre-programmed flights
  • Adding a camera and gimbal, complete with live video feed

All of these will bring new challenges to be overcome, but learning to troubleshoot is all part of the fun.

Congratulations to the Solid Foundation team!  

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