Mavic 2 Pro – Hands on first impressions…WOW!

Thanks to the generosity of some very fine people I was not only invited to the launch of the Mavic 2 but had some time up close while it was put through its paces.

After the event, I was impressed.  But I was still on the fence about when exactly to buy one.  After getting up close and personal, I want it NOW!  The strange thing is that the reason I want it so badly probably isn’t the reasons most people are talking about.

But, let’s start at the beginning.  Two years ago I was invited to the launch of the Mavic.  Sadly, because of work commitments, I couldn’t make it and spent two years kicking myself.  When I received the invitation for this years event, I didn’t hesitate.  Despite a crushing workload, I made time for the few hours necessary to get over to Brooklyn.

Of course, the Mavic 2 Pro is a technological wonder.  The camera is incredible, offering 10-bit images.  That might not mean much to many people but, for anyone who has pushed the colors in an image only to have it ruined by banding will know what a big deal this is.

The camera in my Phantom 4 Pro is incredible.  In theory, this is better!

Not only have they packed a 1-inch image sensor into a foldable drone, but they gave it an adjustable aperture, all round collision avoidance, a bunch of super-cool quickshots, HDR support and so on.

No doubt you can watch videos covering all those amazing features elsewhere until your eyes bleed.  But the feature that impressed me the most and changed me from “someday” to “today!” is one that will mostly go unnoticed…and that is the whole point.

After the DJI event, people went outside to take turns flying.  I was standing nearby talking to people, but I really didn’t hear them flying around, which I put down to us being in a busy area surrounded by boisterous people.

But…a well-connected friend showed up at my house today with a Mavic 2 Pro and from the moment it took off I was in love!

First off, it is one of the most stable drones I have seen.  100% rock solid, but with beautifully smooth and controlled motion.  In fact…it might be a little too easy as it was easy to become complacent.

But, in comparison to any of the other drones I own (and there are plenty), it is virtually silent!

This noise reduction is partly due to FOC sinusoidal drive ESCs. I don’t know what FOC sinusoidal drive is, but I think it might be magic and I don’t think we should question it in case it stops working.

I live in a quiet, rural area and I always worry about the noise.  But I was standing a few feet away from this drone, flying at a height of just a few feet, and I was stunned.  I kept giggling, and repeating to my friend “I can’t believe how quiet it is!”   Not only that but both of us agreed that there was a “softness” to the sound which made it much less annoying.

I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt.who said: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”   The Mavic 2 will, indeed, go far.  Very, very far.

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