What is Avios Media?

Avios Media provides hiqh quality media services to the commercial real estate and construction industries, specializing in aerial drone videography and photography and automation of drone data captures.

Avios Media provides a range of services to clients, including real estate photography and videography, aerial inspections for construction and infrastructure projects, and aerial surveys and mapping. They also offer post-production services such as editing, color correction, and adding special effects to the footage they capture.

In addition to their commercial services, Avios  Media also provides training and certification programs for pilots who want to learn how to operate drones safely and effectively. They are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and follow all regulations and guidelines set by the agency to ensure safe and legal drone operations.

Overall, Avios Media provides high-quality aerial photography and videography services to businesses and individuals in various industries, using the latest drone technology and professional expertise to deliver stunning visuals and insights from above.

Meet The Team






Barry is photographer, videographer, video editor  and FAA Certified Drone Pilot backed by over 30 years of technology expertise.

Utilizing his software development background, Barry is an industry leader in drone automation providing everything from automation training to full, end to end, drone automation setups.  This includes providing the official training videos for several of the largest drone automation software companies (details on request).

Stan is a military veteran and recently retired from The New York Times Company. His passion for meeting people has led him to a new career as a Sales Consultant for Avios Aerial Media. 

A Board member for the Waldwick Chamber of Commerce and an avid runner, he has been the Race Director for the Waldwick 5K Run for the past 13 years.

Dan is our remote pilot servicing the mid-west.  

Since graduating from Caldwell University he has been focused exclusively aerial data captures for large construction sites.  A task he is ideally suited for since he seems to be impervious to the cold!

Joanne is our newest certified remote pilot and handles everything from logistics and finance planning to data captures out in the field – a true master of all things.

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