Monster Warehouse – Part Deux

After a review of the recent monster shoot at the giant warehouse, the client requested some new shots be added to the list.

In addition, we decided that while the idea of using the car to turn the lights on was good, we needed a camera that had better low light capability than the Osmo Action.

The Action provided impressive stabilization, especially given that it is all in-camera. But there was just a little too much noise in the image. Great outdoors…not so good for inside.

The #1 priority for me is that the client gets results they love. So, we packed up our gear and headed back.

What was new?

This time, we knew exactly what we were heading into and so we were more prepared. Things that had changed since last time:

  • I had upgraded the iPad and so, in theory, using the pre-programmed DroneLink software should now make the external captures a lot faster.
  • I opted to upgrade the camera for the interior and, to really improve our chances, I used a two-camera setup
  • I now knew how the doors worked!
Check out the Mavic 2 pro low down…


We opted for a setup on the car of the Panasonic GH5 mounted on a DJI Ronin SC, with the whole setup held to the car with a CAME-TV Video Sucker Suction Cup Mount. That suction mount has serious hold power.

Even with the Ronin SC and the IBIS I was a bit worried about the amount of jiggle introduced to the GH5 by the length of the arm plus the thinness of the metal allowed things to flex. For this reason, I used another suction mount and a PolarPro Katana for the Mavic 2 Pro low down as a second camera.

How did it go?

This time things went much smoother. It is still a huge site and there was still a lot of setup required, so there is no way to get out of here quickly. Even with the aid of our other pilot acting as VO, we were still on site for about 3 hours, which makes for a long day.

Once outside the warehouse, I tried to use the DroneLink software again. After the last time, when it complained that my iPad wasn’t fast enough, I upgraded to a new model iPad with the A12 processor at the suggestion of the developer.

I was, therefore, a bit surprised when I hit start it gave me an error telling me the device was running too slowly. But I tried again and, from that point on, it worked flawlessly. Phew!


  • The external shots with the DroneLink software worked great this time. No issues at all with any of those.
  • I was right to worry about jiggle with the GH5 on that long stick. It wasn’t terrible and a bit of magic with the amazing Davinci Resolve and things were under control. But, I do want to experiment in the future with a combination of mounting techniques. And I even wonder whether the IBIS would be sufficient to do this without the Ronin SC – thus keeping movement down. More experimentation od needed there.
  • The Mavic 2 Pro stabilization was impressive. Much better than the Ronin / Mount setup. And the image quality was great…when it focussed! Unfortunately, the autofocus on the Mavic struggles with the low light. It looks as though it is in focus on the iPad but when you get it on the big screen it’s just a little bit soft. As such, about half of the videos captured with this was unusable. More experimentation is needed in low light to make sure we improve this also.

But, overall, a good capture. We grabbed all of the new shots the client wanted. Improved some of the old shots and, in all, they should now have everything they need to get their marketing underway.

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