Product Review: Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro

Before a family vacation, I was looking for a cost-effective means of keeping my footage backed up while traveling as I was not planning on bringing a laptop. I ended up buying the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro 4TB.

Since I was very happy with the results I considered making a short video to tell you about it. However, Johnathon Scott has already arrived at the same conclusions, and so I thought I would just share his video instead.

Why was it needed?

I generally use a Panasonic GH5 camera for much of my work and, while it is an amazing camera, the files it produces are large. I use the most expensive type of SD cards as I never want to have to worry about write speed, but those are pricey and I really didn’t want to have to buy more of them.

As such, this drive was perfect for my needs. I was able to shoot all day with the cards I had and, at the end of the day, I simply plug them into the drive which would then automatically download any new footage. Note that I said new footage because the system is smart enough to recognize files that had already been downloaded and not copy them again.

In addition to the camera, I was also able to plug in the cards from my 360 camera, and each of the 3 phones that we used, thus ensuring that we had all of the data safely backed up each evening.

Finally, I was able to review the files downloaded to see what we had. It was a bit like reviewing dailies!

As Johnathon noted, streaming 4k footage from the GH5 was a bit choppy. But, it was at least good enough to see if I had the shot I wanted. I did find that using 5.8ghz instead of 2.4ghz increased the playback speed, so that is something to consider.

Once home, I could simply plug in this drive to my PC and actually use it as a drive! So, for quick edits, this would be a great aid to the workflow.

Ultimately, I’m very happy with how this unit has performed. The ability to have a battery powered drive avoided messing with cables, and allowed for backups on the move too.

If you are looking for a robust, travel-friendly solution for backup on the go. I think this could be it.

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