Ramapo College Class of 2021

A chance conversation between a long-standing client and a person in marketing at Ramapo College led to a request a call asking if I would be able to take an aerial photo of a number of students.

The plan was for them to form the number 2021 on the lawn to represent their graduation year.

Taking the photo would, of course, be no problem.  But it didn’t make sense to go all the way there with the equipment for a single photo.  So, in addition to a number of photos and videos around the campus, I had the drone record the creation of the number as it happened.  Then I spent a few minutes putting together something fun!

The lighting was difficult as a storm was rolling in.  But we got the shots we had discussed and then the storm came in hard.  Phew!

A great fun day hanging with the Ramapo Crew and I hope we get to do some additional work in the future as the campus is beautiful.  I was hoping to capture some shots in the fall but the schedules never aligned.  Maybe next year.




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