Watch The Seasons Unfold During Zabriskie Pond Drone Flyover [video]

I live on Zabriskie pond and love watching the seasons change.  Once I started programming drones to fly pre-set missions I was immediately struck with the notion that I could fly around the pond, capturing the same video over a period of a year, and edit it together into a time-lapse video.

I had no idea HOW to edit a time-lapse video, but I figured I had time to learn as it was going to take a while to capture the necessary number of flights.  It actually took longer than I expected each time I upgraded my equipment I became dissatisfied with the previous footage.

Finally, after nearly two years of shooting, I had enough footage to put together the film I had imagined.  I hope you like it!


2 thoughts on “Watch The Seasons Unfold During Zabriskie Pond Drone Flyover [video]”

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  2. Barry,

    The Seasonal time – lapse at Zabriskie Pond was well worth the wait. I loved the background music and how you blended the scenes together. Looking forward to seeing your next project
    froma “birds eye” view of our beautiful world

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