Shawnee Inn and Golf Club

Shawnee was an interesting place to film.

I first came across this in the winter of 2015 while staying nearby on a family vacation.  I had dragged my huge hex (which took up the whole trunk of one of the two cars) and was looking for a place to fly.  I contacted them and they were gracious enough to allow me to go right ahead.  You can see the video from that at the end.

I created the video, posted it online and shared it with the club.  About 4 months later they contacted me and asked if I wanted to come back and film some more while the club was in it’s glory, instead of the relatively dull state of winter.

I had a wonderful breakfast with two of their staff on the day of filming and was then treated like royalty as we wandered around the course using my trusty (and much smaller) Phantom 3 for filming.  We collect about 45 minutes of video in total and, afterwards, my daughter and I had a lot of fun putting this little short together.  I hope you like it.


Here’s the original video that got the invite to come back

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