ShopRite of Wyckoff Time-Lapse (2 years in 1 minute)

In January of 2019, Wyckoff added a new supermarket. And Avios was there from the start.

This time-lapse video shows the building starting in January 2017 and going to the opening two years later. Two years in one minute!

Creating time-lapse videos provides a number of challenges that are not always obvious.

The most obvious challenge is that when first setting up there is nothing but a site and nothing to use to frame the pictures or video I’m about to start recording.

Once started, you can’t change the location or the whole effect is ruined. And so we have to fall back on a time-honored practice of…guessing!

I have a few tricks that I use to improve my chances. For this video, I found plans online showing where the building was supposed to be. That doesn’t help much with altitude, angles, etc. But at least it had me pointing in mostly the right direction.

I backed that up with taking multiple shots from different locations. In this case, I took shots from 16 different locations at the start and only settled on which one would be used close to the end.

Finally, with some cropping and tweaking, we got the shot. I hope you like it.

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