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Art Dept.Is drone building as cool as skateboarding?  Probably not!  But who says you can’t have both?

Some time ago I was introduced by a client to a group skateboarders called Solid Foundation.

This group provides a much-needed place for young people to hang out, skate, learn and support each other in a host of endeavors such as skating and art, all built around fostering positive role models.  Solid Foundation isn’t just a place for skating, it’s also a please to learn, to teach life skills and support each other.

Solid Foundation wanted some video for promotional purposes and to provide some cool things for the kids to watch.  But with the input of Roberto, the conversation quickly evolved into not only take video with a drone but into build the drone that would take video from the ground up!  What better way to teach life skills than to include practical skills such as soldering, basic tool use and even some programming at a later date?

Drone buildingThis weekend we embarked upon the first part of that mission, setting up a table at one of their biggest skate meets of the season and invited kids in to participate as much or as little as they wanted.

We had a fun time!  Starting with talking to the kids about the basics of how drones work and relating it to things they can understand such as how the flight controller uses sensors just like the ones that measure movement in their phones.  It was also a great opportunity to show that even very complicated problems can be solved by just breaking it down into manageable chunks.

Roberto at workRoberto is a natural at motivating kids of all ages.

It was such fun watching Roberto seamlessly switch motivation methods depending on the age of the kids.  For young kids he had them making “jewelry” using the soldering iron to join together pieces of wire.  For the older kids, he would challenge them.  Did they know how to solder?  Of course! Great…prove it!

Regardless of who he was dealing with his enthusiasm for even the most mundane task such as putting in the endless little screws needed to create a hex is infectious.

I was super impressed with the attitude the kids had.  We would teach one of the kids how to solder and then have them teach the other kids what they had learned.  At the end of it, I really think they impressed themselves and left with a little more confidence.

Next Steps?

Making progress while teaching is always difficult and we didn’t manage to finish during the day.  All of the solderings are complete and we have a frame that is ready for the final assembly.  The flight controller has been programmed and the transmitter paired.  The next session should see us reach the point of a machine that actually flies!

Stay tuned!  

5 thoughts on “Solid Foundation Drone Building Class”

  1. Hi Barry,

    My son Dallas (who you gave a private lesson to) is a drone enthusiast and looking to join a local club. He’s also a really great tinkerer and builder and would be happy to help you with camp or other classes for kids. He’s looking to be a part of our local drone community where ever he can. Can you add us to your emailing list and/or keep him in mind for future events?

    He also loves skateboarding, so anything you do at Solid Foundation he would support as well : )


    1. Cynthia,

      I remember Dalla – quick study as I recall.

      That would be great! I’ll put you in touch with Solid Foundation. I’m not sure when the next session will be but maybe Dallas can join us – it will likely be the maiden voyage!

      Best regards,


  2. This is just fantastic teaching kids to build tech rather than just use it, and of course I think that building a drone is as fun as skate boarding. The satisfaction the kids will have when they complete a maiden flight of a drone they built themselves will be incredible!

    I follow your blogs from Australia.. Pete

    1. Thanks, Pete. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! I have family over there and one day I’ll make it all the way over 🙂

      I totally agree – the satisfaction of that maiden flight is amazing. It’s all ready to fly now – just trying to set up time for a bench test and then we’ll take her up!

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