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Something New at Greenwood Lake

One of the things I love about this business is that I am constantly learning and trying something new.

Telling stories with video and pictures covers a lot of ground from technical to artistic. But, at the end of the day, it is about telling the story that your audience will listen to.

Most of the real estate work I do is for high-end properties in and around Bergen County, and that usually means that the clientele is more mature and looking for a video that is soothing and peaceful.

Typical Bergen County Property

But I had a request this week to create something for a younger group of people. This property was going to be marketed at folks looking for fun at a beautiful lake property.

So, what did I do? I enlisted the help of my daughter!

I had ideas that I wanted to try out and would repeatedly drag her back into the office (often under duress) to get her opinion with each addition.

The result?

Personally, I was super happy with it. It hit all the requests from the relator, being under 1 minute (for social media sharing), fast-paced, etc. And, frankly, I had a huge amount of fun putting it together.

But, this was a new direction for me so I was a little nervous sending it to the realtor on Sunday morning.

About 15 minutes after sending it she called me. Since usually I get an email or chat saying how much she loved it I was a little concerned. But, I needent have been.

OMG! I had to call because I was just blown away! This is so creative and fun!

Nekije Rivzani

She apologized for disturbing me on a Sunday, but I’ll take a call like that any time day or night!

Take a look!

It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. But this was something new and fun for me and I’m so lucky to have such wonderful clients that are great to work with and allow me to have fun with my creativity.

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