Stress free mission planning using Google Earth

Planning flights from the comfort of the office using Litchi has made flying much more predictable and stress-free.  But there were often unexpected surprises on site.  Now, someone has created the ability to play those missions on Google Earth, and the results are truly amazing!

I used a mission I set up on my PC to film the Zabriski Pond Seasons video that many of you will be familiar with.  When I heard about the ability to take those saved missions and play them on Google Earth I thought “Well…just how good can the results be?”

See for yourself.  I took one of the videos from the Seasons set and placed it alongside the Google Earth virtual mission.  I think the results are impressive.

Not only does the google earth mission show a pretty realistic view of the pond, but the simulated movements of the sUAV are very close to reality.

I have another shoot coming up soon where the client wants an overview of a 5k course that they will be running later this year.  I was able to mock up a sample, play it in Google Earth and send him a mock-up for his approval within about 20 minutes.  Amazing!

It’s not perfect.  It doesn’t follow some of the modes like heading defined etc. properly.  But it’s pretty darn cool.  





3 thoughts on “Stress free mission planning using Google Earth”

  1. Hi Avios ~
    Nice work! Since we’re not in competitive markets, is it possible to shed some light on the process to do this? I’d like to experiment with it for potential applications.It seems like a great way to show prospective clients possible flight paths of their projects. Is it an option within Litchi? (which I’ve never used). Super Cool.
    I appreciate any insight you can share.
    Thank You,
    Bruce C.

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