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I was recently offering to support local businesses by making services available for free to help people while they are going through things.

Curfew 2020

But I’ve noticed that when you don’t charge, strange things happen. The most common result is that people don’t take whatever it is that is free.

I think this comes down to two factors:

  1. People think that if it is free it then it must be junk, or
  2. People don’t like accepting “charity”, even if they could actually use it.

So I’m going to try again but, this time, with a twist.

  • I’m going to offers some services at a very reasonable cost, but not free – details below.
  • Any money raised will be used to buy gift certificates from local restaurants in Wyckoff, NJ that are struggling because they are being forced to close.
  • I’m then going to give those gift certificates to people that have lost their jobs or otherwise been impacted significantly (I will be asking for nominations)

This way, people get something of value. The local restaurants get a little cash injection, the people in need get a nice meal and I get to do something I enjoy for a good cause.

If the business can’t afford the service but still need it then, of course, I will still do it for free. Or, why not sponsor the service for them?


Short Promotional Video – $200

If your company is doing something good for the community, such as free delivery, special hours for seniors, giving hand sanitizer with orders, etc. we would like to help spread the word. That could be with:

  • An interview with you describing your idea (perhaps in front of your store)
  • Taking some footage of the service (e.g. home delivery)
  • Addition of appropriate music (if needed) etc.

All that will be put into a short video (30-60 seconds) for sharing on social media etc.

3D Animation of your company logo – $25

Send us your company logo and we will animate it and send back a short video for you to use anywhere you like.

Some examples of what these might look like can be seen here:

To get in touch – call or text on 201 540 9485 – we’ll do the rest!

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