Video / 3D / Photos – What’s it for?

We offer a lot of different services at Avios.  And sometimes all that choice can lead to stress about service is right for you.  So, today, I’m going to demystify the main real estate services and why you would them.


Great photographs are the cornerstone of your listing.  
They are the hook that grabs the client and makes them take the next step to look a little deeper.  They are easy to share, expected, and no great listing would be complete without them.   



Video tells a story, and it is a story where you control the narrative and the vibe you want to present.  
If you are marketing to younger people then you will want a video that is lively, fast-paced, and full of energy.  If the home is being targeted at a more mature audience, or is a more stately building, then a more graceful pace is required.  Music is key here and, in many ways, will set the tone more than anything else.

Video is not the medium that brings people in, that is what the photos are for.  But they are easy to share and you can create a feeling that keeps people around.

3D Tours

3D tours allow buyers to take a self-directed tour of the home, where they can focus on areas they are uniquely interested in.  

3D tours have really proven their worth in the past year.  In a post-Covid world, several things have changed that make 3D tours an important part of your listing:

 1.  With remote working now widely accepted, people are willing to drive or fly long distances and want to maximize their time when there.  3D tours allow them to explore before they get to an area and then just focus on the homes they are really interested in.  

2.  Sellers are still nervous about having unknown people in their homes.  3D tours allow them to minimize that by providing a way for people to weed out the casual observer, and just allow in those people that are serious about buying.

3.  3D tours create a “long tail” where people can explore at their own pace.  And the more time they spend exploring the home, the more invested they feel in the property, and the more likely they are to buy.  And, when mixed with a floor plan, it can create a truly immersive experience.  

In summary

Not every home will need all of these things.  Which ones are right for you depend on your sellers, your target audience, and your budget. 

If you are still unsure after reading the above, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the different options.  

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