When the going gets tough…

June turned out to be an interesting month for Avios, and one that really tested our ability to deliver.

We picked up three new clients, and each of them came to us because they had difficult problems to solve and had not had luck with their usual companies.

First up was a client who needed aerial shots of three homes in heavily tree covered areas. They had drone shots done before but the homeowner was not happy with the results.

By figuring out the exact time of day that would provide sun on the buildings and mixing in some low down to capture the building in reflections managed to show the locations beautifully.

The result was the type of email I love getting from the client saying
” …they look great…and wow, those ****** Lake scenic shots are awesome! “

Next up, an interior video of an old home in NJ that the realtor didn’t think could be pulled off. This home had huge amounts of charm and felt like a time capsule from the 50s.

But along with the charm came lighting that was so subdued that the realtor was super nervous. He even went as far as saying that if things didn’t work out he wouldn’t judge me harshly for it.

But, with a little camera know-how and some magic in my favorite editing software, we managed to pull off a video walk-through that the realtor loved.
And another email “Barry, Thank you for the work you put in on this. Looks really awesome. “

Finally, I started a new construction job. This one was interesting just because of the sheer size of it – over 400 acres!

I was to use software supplied by the company and everything was pre-planned before I arrived on site. Without going into details there were some problems encountered and it looked as though we were going to have to come back another day.

Fortunately, drone software is something I have a talent for. Instead of having to scrub the capture, I offered to completely re-plan the problem sections of the mission on site, allowing us to complete the shoot on time and save the day.

The client was over the moon with the results, and I was able to head home after a job well done. Shortly afterward, another email saying “Barry, first of all, I want to say thanks for your work you have been great for us and ******* appreciates it. “

After all this, I started thinking about what makes a real professional.

With the advanced cameras and drones available today, almost anyone can turn out a half-decent product when the going is easy.

But, it’s when the going gets tough that sorts the wheat from the chaff. And this month…we were the wheat!

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