When you can’t be there – 360 tours are the answer!

We have been offering relators 360 tours since before they were a thing. But now, with the social distancing imposed by COVID-19, the homes that have a 360 tour are in a great position relative to those that don’t.

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The Next Best Thing for Social Distancing

While it would never replace a skilled realtor, 360 tours allow people to view the entire home from the comfort of their sofa. And, let’s face it, many people have plenty of time to be doing that right now!

360 tours have always been a great way to cut down on the number of people that show up to a home “just in case”, and waste valuable time.

During this downtime, buyers can go beyond just the standard photos and still “visit” homes.

This allows them to prioritize the ones that they are really interested in and, when all this is over, head out to a select few homes ready to buy.

Avios can provide a full 360 tour stand-alone, or as part of a package and typically take less than an hour to shoot. You can see examples of our prices for these here.

So, the next time you are bringing us in to help sell your home, consider adding a 360 tour to the mix. You never know when you will need it!

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